Curiosity and Sincerity are Sunshine Friends

Japan's historical heart beats in the Western lands, where the old imperial capitals of Asuka, Nara, Kyoto, and a dozen more are located. At the time we lived near Kyoto, we discovered the "Pilgrimage of the Western Lands". It combines 33 Buddhist temples, some of which are over a thousand years old. We laced hiking boots and set off to travel around the Western Lands. On our travels between 2001-2011 we witnessed everyday occurrences but we also heard of miracles. We visited the vegetable gardens of Kyoto and we avoided sharp knives in Osaka. We took a boat and rowed to the Island of Fine Arts. We entered the stairway to heaven. Furthermore, we sniffed at a scent prince and we were listening to the sound of falling feathers. We discovered happiness in the street and we enjoyed a delighting cup of green tea. But in order to cure the headache of the emperor, we came too late. However, we collected story to story about Japan's Western Lands. These we would like to share with you in the coming posts.

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